January 5, 2017

Thank You, 2016

I have always believed that New Year is just the same as any other day.
I wondered why people bothered to waiting up all night only to witness the clock to change to 00:00 and the year is added up by one.
I wondered why people bothered so much to call their friends on a midnight just to say "Happy New Year!", doing a barbecue party until late night, and making new resolutions for the next year. Frankly speaking, "year" is just a thing about earth and its orbit. Even the 366/5 days a year, isn't really the accurate time for it. 
Of course I still joined them but I also asked myself, what so special about new year actually?

While I tried to find the answer, I happened to look back to my own 2016, and I realized how 2016 is a year worth to reflect. As a person who went to a school that taught me about how self-reflecting is really important, I realized that new year is actually a perfect time to reflect my self after surviving another 366 days of life and celebrate it while welcoming another year to come.

Departing from those thoughts above, I finally decided to make this blogpost, a post about myself reflecting on my own 2016.
As I mentioned it, for me 2016 is a year worth of reflections. There were so many things happened last year. I don't even believe I am still here, living in the 2017.
Actually how did I survive that roller-coaster year?

If I can be honest, I had so many rough times in 2016. Even when I think about my life on the latest months, it just too awful and I actually hate it.
But at the end, I finally decided to do a self-reflection by seeing it from the positive perspective.
And surprisingly, it makes me realized that actually many good things happened on 2016.

Here are some things that worth to be highlighted from my 2016 journey:
Graduated from high school and become an university student,
4-months of not having any "student" status,
Living alone; become a circular migrant,
Meeting new people,
and still much more.

To sum it up, I think my 2016 is about learning;
Learning about new things,
Learning about my mistakes,
Learning about my own self.
2016, I feel like I almost exploded out my brain because of my over-thinking personality while I was trying to adapting myself to such some big changes that happened this year.

I didn't do many productive things this year and I spent most of my times alone, but that's just how those deep thoughts come out. I didn't regret it. From my own deep thoughts, I learned so many thing about myself and my dreams. And the most important thing, I learned about making myself a better human being.

So, finally it's a farewell to 2016. The year change, but it doesn't mean you leave all the things there. Just like how 2016 and 2017 is only differentiate by 1 second after 23:59:59, the time won't stop, it'll keep tick-tockin' in the same way, the different is just about the year and that's just like how life is.
Life is a thing that can't be separated, life is about its continuity.
We all keep living by continuing our life.

New year doesn't mean a new me; it doesn't mean that we can close the previous year and leave it. New year means a continuation from the previous year, 2017 is just the next page of 2016.

New year, 2017, is going to be another chapter of my life, to make myself a better me.


  1. nice post, like it :)
    Kisses :)


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  2. I hope you had an amazing year and wish you all the best for 2017


  3. Sad to hear that you didn't have an amazing 2016.. Hope 2017 will treat you better <3


  4. I really loved reading this, it's funny though how you write it 'I wondered why people bothered to waiting up all night only to witness the clock to change to 00:00 and the year is added up by one.' I just followed you #155, please follow back.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  5. I think reflecting back on the year is the reason why new year is so special. Even during tough times, you will realize there some good times too! I hope 2017 is off to a good start for you!


  6. Reflecting on the previous year is always so important! 2016 definitely sounded like a great learning year for you. You're going to rock it in 2017!


  7. Que venham mais 365 dias e viva 2017!!
    Iremos aprender muito neste novo ano..

    Um beijo, estou te seguindo.


  8. Thanks a lot :D

    I wish you all the best in this new year, dear :D
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  9. Those donuts were calling me! hahahaha. This was such a lovely post, happy new year to you! <3
    Mandeville Sisters

  10. Happy New Year hun, hope 2017 will be amazing!


  11. I love the way you view a New Year - you're right, it's a new chapter, not a new book :) Have a lovely weekend!


  12. My 2016 was all about learning also. It's been a year of growth and learning more about myself and others, finally coming to the conclusion that I want to live my life as a wild, free, honest thing that tries not to put down roots - and the second my 2017 started I basically fell in love and wanted to abandon everything I'd learnt. But hey ho, it's all good c':

    Little Moon Elephant

  13. Happy new year! These donuts look delicious.

  14. Well, so much thing happened in 2016 and the most important thing is you learnt how to appreciate your life more. Let's welcome 2017 with lot of happiness, positive minds, and sweetness dear, just like those donuts <3



  15. Happy new year! thanks for sharing this is so fun to read. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  16. it's always important to reflect to see how far you have come!
    the best you can do is to always focus on the good stuff :)

    The Sweetest Escape

  17. Great post! Happy New Year

    Gemma x

  18. This was a great read, lady- you have such a fresh and honest point of view about the new year. Wishing you much happiness in 2017!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. 2016 is a very eventful year, not only to me personally but to everyone! The only thing that bothers me on New Year is the "mandatory" new year's resolutions. I stopped it since last year. I rather focus on my goals rather than force myself to create a resolution that I know I couldn't commit to.


  20. Wishing you all the best in this next chapter! Loving the honesty here. Looking forward to seeing your new content. :)

    Looks by Lau

  21. Great post, so cool!! Happy week sweetheart!

    Mary María Style

  22. I love your refreshing viewpoint on the new year being continuous from the previous year instead of a fresh new start. We definitely shouldn't abandon what we worked so hard to build to date. Happy New Year and I hope you're already kicking butt this year.


  23. Happy New year!! Lovely post :)


  24. Super late but I wnat say "Happy new year dear :))

    I hope u have a better life in 2017 :)

  25. I love reflecting on the past year! <3 Hoping you have a great 2017 x


  26. I like looking at 2017 as a new chapter. It's refreshing.


  27. I love this, also I now have a big hankering for pretty donuts and hot cocoa ♡

  28. Oh very interesting post darling


  29. loving the post!
    have a very BELATED happy new year to you dear!


  30. hope 2017 gives you as much, if not more, learning than 2016 did. we shall never stop learning until we draw our last breath! :D have a great year ahead. you're so young it's your time to shine!

  31. Happy New Year 2017! May God always be with you :)


  32. cute photos! hehe hope this year will be a great year too for you :)
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