December 5, 2013

The Neon

Final term is finally over!
And, Thank God because today I dont have to go to school since there are remediation for some students who have an uncompleted score. (Yepp! My school is so kinddd this year, there are no remediation before. I'm so lucky!)

by the way, it's December already! Time flies so fast! Seriously, I think like Doraemon is playing on his time machine and make a month feel like just 10 days. mind-blowing @.@ dont do that Dora.

oh ya! talking about this post, finally its an outfit post! yey!
I wore this outfit this morning to go to the grand opening of UNIQLO's third branch in Indonesia. Its in Mal Kelapa Gading! Wohoooo, so close to where-i-live.

The store is soo huge, its about 2000 square meters and there are 2 floors. (But Mal Taman Anggrek's branch is still larger, its 2.650 sq. meters!)
They also give a free tote bag for the first 300 visitors! (lol, who doesnt love freebies?)
But, if you are not one of those 300 first visitors, you also can get the tote bag if your purchase Rp. 500.000 or more. And I also get the free tote bag because of it :D
I bought a shorts, a pants, 2 T-Shirts, and 5 pairs of socks ><

Emm, okay, I know neon is sooo yesterday, it has became a  trend a few months ago but its not a trend anymore. But, ugh, I don’t really care about trend, lol. I just use what I like.

By the way, sorry for the really bad photo quality, I really need to buy a new lens really soon! But Christmas is coming soon! So there must be so many Christmas/ end year sale. So I’m going to wait for my favorite photography store’s end year sale HEHE.

Sneakers makes my leg really short x( 

 It's actually a candid photo lol

Okay I think this is the end of this post, have to prepare myself to go to school tomorrow XD
Byebye! Thank you for wasting your time to read this post huehueh.

Top - Chanel
Skirt - United Colors of Benetton
Shoes - Converse


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  4. I agree, if you like it, wear it. And I like the mix of those two colours- they go great together. Getting a shopping centre is always such an excitement- lucky you :) Also, great about the finals ending. Now it's all about: how should I spend my time doing nothing ;) Best times.
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  28. feedback: lipetan rok nya di beberapa foto masih keliatan.
    and are you using tripod? IF you do, you should ask someone to help you with the photo, I'm sure your photo would be better (more focus) because I don't think it's blurred bcause of the lens. Good luck, keep it up! ;)

    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback :D
      The photos are blurred because my lens' auto focus is broken. :)

  29. Beautiful girl, still young, and has chubby cheeks =))