September 17, 2013

High School Life

Almost forgot when is the last time i open my blog for view some comments from my readers :')

So its September already and my blog is very very got nectengled :((
To be honest, i really miss youuu blog, but since i just started my high school life so my life feels so different nowww, so many homeworks and exams and i really can't handle it so i have no time for open / update this blog TT.TT                    
And also now in Saturday i have to go to school to when in the junior high school there is no school in saturday !#/#&*#(!)
So its mean that my free time is only on saturday night because on sunday i have to study for monday's exam..... :|
Oh God why life is so hard now...
 If you are live in Jakarta you must be know my school, it's Santa Ursula Senior High School :'|
Sometimes i regret my choice to be in that school..
Exams everyday, homeworks, and tons of assignment :'/
I have no time anymore for my hobbies, blog, and my me-time :(((
And, um, for your information, my high school is a homogen school :|

Ugh, so sad this is not an outfit post :( havent got a time for do photoshoot !@#$/^&*()
but i promise will make an outfit post as soon as possible :''3 

....... wrote this post via my smartphone in the middle of my uncle's birthday dinner, hee-hee. Just want to make sure to this blog that I am still life hhahaha :|.
Okay so, this is the end of this  random post and..
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  1. Ganbatte staysyaa~ di yakob sama aja kok~ :s

  2. I'm new in high school too (10th grader), wish you luck dear!<3
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know! (:

  3. Hai staysya! Awesome blog you got there.
    I regretted my choice of school lots of times, too. Hang on! After all, rainbows always come after the rain, right?
    Have a nice day.