May 3, 2013

Yakobus Annual Tracking II 2013

Hi! finally an update for my blog!@______@

unexpectedly my holiday became sooo busy with many activity 0,0
so I couldn't updated my blog, but now I am going to make some posts about some activities I've been through from the beginning of my holiday until now (13rd May)

sooo actually its a scheduled post hehehehe, i make the date match with the activity.

okay so on 3rd May, there's a Scout Tracking on my school, actually its for 7th grader, but because of I'm a 'kakak pembina' so I'm able to join the tracking YEAAAAY finally i can wear my scout uniform again ~('o'~) so happyyy~~~!!

*on 9th grade, I have to focus for my final tests, so I couldn't join the scout
but since the tests is over so i can join this tracking hehehe

this tracking is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol~~~

We leave our school at 7.34 AM

and finally we arrived at Ancol at 9.00 AM, yea, Jakarta, traffic jam anywhere, anytime, even in the morning-,-

the activity is started with a briefing 

from bus to our basecamp


and then after that there's an opening ceremony
but i didn't took a photo of it because i have to join the ceremony hehhee

tbh, i didn't take many photos of them beacuse i dont really good at taking photos of an activity lol so i just take many many photos of the beach & the scenery HAHAHAHA how pathetic

After the opening ceremony, the tracking is begin~~
 and they're (7th grader) start to go to the first post/station

and i alsoo going to my post (shadow post)
and of course, i dont walk to my post like them :P. me and Tania (my partner in shadow post) get a chance for go to our post with my school foundation's car with my principal, when all my friends go to their own post with a motorcycle HAHAHAHA *proud (the posts is far enough) 

it was a sunny day ~.~

The shadow post is in the Ecopark. In the ecopark, we are not allowed to get in by a motor vehicle so I and Tania were dropped in front of the ecopark and then we have to walk to our post, the post is in the center of the ecopark. And because we dont know where is it so we walk sooo far even its actually not that far *cant proud anymore-_-*

Tania :D
there are many good scenery on ecopark so i think Tania must be so bored because i leave her many times for taking photos of it heheheheh sorry Tania :P

Finally after the last group have passed Shadow Post, we are going to the fifth post (the nearest post from our post) to have late-lunch (because in ecopark, we are not allowed to eat anything) and go to basecamp.

In the basecamp, we have some games but I didn't took any photo of it hehehe
so here are 2 photos from my friend's camera (click here to see the link of the album)

one of the game we had
honestly i didn't join the game HAHAHA I am just staring at them and chit-chat with my friends or even with some teachers too :3

After the games, the last activity is closing ceremony

and then after the ceremony we go back to our school~~~~

Thank you and good bye, Ancol!!~


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  2. lovely outdoor shots! <3