Friday, July 25, 2014


On my previous post, I said that my first week of school were so busy, so on this post I am going to talk about one of the why-i-was-so-busy.

So, last week, there was an Open House on my school and the preparation was just a week before the event. I was about going to be crazy because I don't know what to start the preparation since there were 4 extra-curricular that I joined.
At the end, I ended up abandoned 2 of them, focus on one of them and help a little on another one.
But I still attend on the meeting at the 2 extra-curricular that I abandoned, hehe.

The Open House was held on last Saturday.
On that day, I became receptionist, and all the receptionist were using the same outfit.

And, this is what I wore as the receptionist that day...

FYI, the theme is Labyrinth.

It was the student council that told us (all the receptionist) to wear red shirt, black skirt, and black thighs.

About the rabbit headband, glove, and suspender, it were given by the student council and we were just have to pay them.

2 for rabbit ears 

           Anddd, yess, everyone only got one glove. A lil bit weird, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blue Ribbon

2014 is already half a way but I only had post 4 posts on my blog. What an unproductive year for me on this blog, since my target on this year was being more productive on my blog. 
(Look at my post on March, a post a week but after that I'm "disappear" again lol). Myeh, I can't fullfilled my own target.

Actually, I really miss blogging, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to type something on my keyboard or even don't know what-to-type.

Well, first week of school was so busy. There were so many things that I have to do either its for school or for my own activities.
It was just a week since the holiday was over but I have already got so many homework and assignments.

Let's just hope (and do) the best for another year on my high school life.