January 5, 2017

Thank You, 2016

I have always believed that New Year is just the same as any other day.
I wondered why people bothered to waiting up all night only to witness the clock to change to 00:00 and the year is added up by one.
I wondered why people bothered so much to call their friends on a midnight just to say "Happy New Year!", doing a barbecue party until late night, and making new resolutions for the next year. Frankly speaking, "year" is just a thing about earth and its orbit. Even the 366/5 days a year, isn't really the accurate time for it. 
Of course I still joined them but I also asked myself, what so special about new year actually?

While I tried to find the answer, I happened to look back to my own 2016, and I realized how 2016 is a year worth to reflect. As a person who went to a school that taught me about how self-reflecting is really important, I realized that new year is actually a perfect time to reflect my self after surviving another 366 days of life and celebrate it while welcoming another year to come.

Departing from those thoughts above, I finally decided to make this blogpost, a post about myself reflecting on my own 2016.
As I mentioned it, for me 2016 is a year worth of reflections. There were so many things happened last year. I don't even believe I am still here, living in the 2017.
Actually how did I survive that roller-coaster year?

If I can be honest, I had so many rough times in 2016. Even when I think about my life on the latest months, it just too awful and I actually hate it.
But at the end, I finally decided to do a self-reflection by seeing it from the positive perspective.
And surprisingly, it makes me realized that actually many good things happened on 2016.

Here are some things that worth to be highlighted from my 2016 journey:
Graduated from high school and become an university student,
4-months of not having any "student" status,
Living alone; become a circular migrant,
Meeting new people,
and still much more.

To sum it up, I think my 2016 is about learning;
Learning about new things,
Learning about my mistakes,
Learning about my own self.
2016, I feel like I almost exploded out my brain because of my over-thinking personality while I was trying to adapting myself to such some big changes that happened this year.

I didn't do many productive things this year and I spent most of my times alone, but that's just how those deep thoughts come out. I didn't regret it. From my own deep thoughts, I learned so many thing about myself and my dreams. And the most important thing, I learned about making myself a better human being.

So, finally it's a farewell to 2016. The year change, but it doesn't mean you leave all the things there. Just like how 2016 and 2017 is only differentiate by 1 second after 23:59:59, the time won't stop, it'll keep tick-tockin' in the same way, the different is just about the year and that's just like how life is.
Life is a thing that can't be separated, life is about its continuity.
We all keep living by continuing our life.

New year doesn't mean a new me; it doesn't mean that we can close the previous year and leave it. New year means a continuation from the previous year, 2017 is just the next page of 2016.

New year, 2017, is going to be another chapter of my life, to make myself a better me.

December 21, 2016

Do What You Love

I am an idealist person.
I always set my goals as perfect as it can.
However, as the reality comes up, somehow, it just can't meet my own plans. It just become worse when I look at people around me, It turned out that I feel my life is the worst one. "Why everyone is better than me?" that's my thought.

As I have become an university student now,
I find it funny when I saw my friends who used to went to the same school, going to different path.
Whether it be other uni, other major, other city, or even other country.

I find it funny how we used to be walking in the same path, but our future is really different.
Even someone who is currently in the same university & major as me, can be someone who is really different than me.
Even someone who used to go to same elementary school as me, chose to have an informal education, and now already become a successful businessman.

I find it really funny.

But, that's not the end.
As I mentioned it before,
Sometimes, that kind of thoughts can bring questions to my own self.
"Is my life the worst one?"
"Why I can't be like them, even though actually we were walking on the same path??"

Those questions really killing my self slowly.
But then I realized.
We are living our own life.
Our life are supposed to be different.
But that does not mean we need to compare it, right?
On our different paths, can we just meet on the top together?

I believe that as long as we love our own path, eventually it will become the most beautiful one.
Do what you love, love what you do.

Because at the end of the day,
the key is not to compare your life to others.


Too in love with this pict that I can't left it out eventho it's blurry.
"A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose.
All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too."
-Miranda Kerr

November 28, 2016

Hello Again

Well, hello!
It has been 2 years since the last time I am being active on this blog. (oh, let's not count the sponsorship and school's assignment posts)
And finally I am back now. Not really sure how to start this after 2 years being off from this blog, but let me try and start with sharing my recent life update and the reasons why i am here again.

So my life as a schoolgirl has ended half a year ago and now I am officially become an university student, majoring at design.
Yes, it's that major, the major that have tons of assignments, deadlines, sleepless nights, etc. I am feeling my life has become busier and busier each day.
But they say "there is no such thing as being too busy, if you really want something, you'll make time for it!"

I also realized that when someone is saturated with their own real life, they will try to find the thing they enjoy the most and do it to embrace their own self. I guess it's something like when people are studying, their desire of playing with gadgets will be increased, lol, nvm.

Well, so that's why i am here again, back to writing post here despite of my busy university life.

I realized that procrastinating my assignments by writing a blog post or just go for a stroll to other blogs is really healing for me. It just feels so different compared to when I was procrastinating by watching dramas, Instragram-ing or doing other things, you know, that feeling when you feel bad for procrastinating but at the same time you can feel productive for doing your own hobby!
Oh well, actually it's not only about procrastinating, doing my own hobby can become a motivation for me to finish my assignments as soon as possible.

So, yea... just some babbles from me about why I suddenly come back here again.
Hopefully I am back for real and can update this blog more often.

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