March 7, 2015

White Day Tips

Have you heard about White Day?
White Day is a day commonly celebrated in Japan a month after Valentine's Day (March 14th). On White Day, men are supposed to "pays back" to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine's Day.

Well, actually, here in Indonesia doesn't really celebrate White Day, but I found this day is really unique, so I decided to make a post to help you prepare yourself for White Day!

1. List who gave you chocolates on Valentine's Day
Before prepare the White Day celebration with your special one, let's pays back the people who gave you chocolates on Valentine's Day first! Because it's what White Day actually.
If you want to pays back people who gave you chocolate, you have to list them all to make sure you won't forget one of them.

2. It doesn't always about chocolates
Too much chocolates is not good too, right? For boys, if you want to pays back your special girl, think other gift for her! Maybe flowers, dress, or anything that she likes.It will make your girl happier (unless your girl is chocolate-maniac). Besides, those gifts are more "memorable" than chocolate that will disappear right after you eat it.

3. Go on a date with your special one
To make your White Day even more memorable, ask him/her for a white day date! It doesn't have to be a candle light dinner like you have on Valentine's Day. A simple hang out date will do. Sometimes, I find it the simpler is the cuter.By the way, this year, White Day is on Saturday! So, doesn't it a very good idea to go on a date with your special one on White Day?

4. Outfit!
For a simple hang out date, a simple outfit will match your day!
Use a couple outfits with your boy/girl will be so much cuter! You can buy couple clothes on Zalora. Check  the link and you will find many choices of couple outfit to make your date complete!

Well, that's all my tips for all couples out there to make your White Day become special with your girl.

I hope those tips will help you and have a great White Day!

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September 3, 2014

Dark Tosca

School has been so tough this month, and pretty sure it will be tougher for next month -_-

Anyway, since I don't want my blog full of my complaints about my school life, so let's not talking about school anymore.

I did this photoshoot a long time ago, but I just had a chance to edit it and write a post here.
And, by the way, I didn't go anywhere with this outfit.
 Oh that messy hair *_*

Oh, by the way the dress and the blazer is actually my mom's, but she didn't use it anymore, so she gave it to me.
Anddd, the color of the dress is my mom's favorite color. Ah, I think it will become my favorite color too!

The details 
The blazer pattern is houndstooth!
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Dress - Tailor Made
Blazer - Unbranded
Heels - laluna by Hush Puppies

August 7, 2014


Omo, its August already!
Looks like time is currently running faster now._.
No more holiday, school everyday! This month going to be busy, there are some events on my school so I have to go to school even on Sunday.

There are already so many assignments and exams is coming soon!

Well, let's just do the best and God will do the rest 

Going a little bit vintage with this very pretty dress :3


Dress - any FAM
Bag - Granada Italy
Shoes - Rotelli